Sound Public Policy, Strategic Planning and Execution to respond to your specific need.

James Coltharp Policy Solutions offers experienced advising to help company and industry clients plan public policy strategy. By developing effective and reasonable solutions to meet regulatory and government-related needs, our clients achieve results necessary for success in the competitive marketplace. We help companies, leaders, and teams by drawing upon unique skills as both a dynamic leader of teams and a highly professional business coach; performing as a catalyst to build energy for excellent execution and peak performance.

We contribute sound analysis, well-established expertise, quick application and strong implementation to help companies and industries respond to critical issues and policy projects.

Public Policy Advising

Leverage our extensive experience in the federal regulatory and policy arenas to create consistent results for your company.


Create effective strategies that balance a variety of perspectives, ideas and interests to shape strong, prudent approaches to build an effective presence in the marketplace and public policy arena.


Apply our well-developed expertise as a catalyst to help your team resolve challenges and deliver favorable results in key situations.

About James Coltharp

James Coltharp Policy Solutions LLC was founded to serve companies and industries with experienced advising, public policy planning and execution. I am a former federal government affairs executive and strategist with a strong economics background and 20+ years of experience leading policy strategy development and key victories in policy regulatory proceedings, transactions and acquisitions. I contributed to Comcast’s growth for over 20 years.

In founding The KeePressingOn Project, I established a company to coach, motivate and inspire individuals with a passion for community impact & involvement, I enable clients (businesses, teams and leaders) to generate growth, increase productivity and community impact and involvement by providing strategic consulting and coaching for teams and executives. I help them establish and enhance relationships that build trust, encourage a culture of excellence and create an expectant, positive view of the future.

As a federal government affairs executive & strategist, I helped guide Comcast’s policy strategy development and key victories in regulatory proceedings, transactions & acquisitions. I represented Comcast before the FCC, Congress and other federal agencies regarding public policy issues involving cable TV, programming content, equipment technology, etc., helping Comcast earn/build early public credibility. I served as the key contact to trade associations in a wide range of industry matters and helped enhance its early industry reputation in a range of policy issues with positive customer impact & community outreach programs.

In addition, I enabled Comcast’s community/customer initiatives success by helping to develop corporate initiatives to create digital tech opportunities, community/school partnerships, and enhanced community engagement by Comcast employees.

At the FCC, I was Special Counsel to Commissioners James Quello and Andrew Barrett. Earlier, as Industry Economist, Broadcasting/Cable, I led my team in implementing 1992 Cable Act key provisions and was principal author of 5 media rulemakings and Chief Economist, Wireless. I also taught Economics at Miami University.

“I have known Jim Coltharp for more than 30 years as a professional colleague inside government, as a polished and persistent advocate for a major telecommunications firm, and as collaborator and advisor. With a wealth of experience in regulatory and legislative affairs and in the policy planning process he has had a steady hand in bringing people and ideas together, bridging differences, and achieving concrete results. His reputation as a person of integrity and consistency has proven to be a spontaneous and efficient force in achieving favorable outcomes both within organizations and between competing political and economic interests.”

William H. Johnson
Senior Executive
Former Bureau and Deputy Chief
Federal Communications Commission